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Funny Moments and highlights of Royce Bell on Nick Cannons presents Wild 'N Out where he masters impressions and impersonations of:

  • Barack Obama  
  • Eddie Murphy 
  • Family Guy 

And more....


With such creative and unique writing skills Royce Bell brought to life original character "Gary Gayman" in a comedy sketch while doing impersonations and impressions of several "A list" celebrities as well. This tape was for Bell's NBC network audition.

 Gary Gayman plays an anchorman for channel 59 news who leads in other celebrities in other segments of the news. 

Trey Songz Tremaine Tour

Royce Bell performing live August 2017 at the Celebrity Theatre during the "Tremaine" tour with Trey Songz


Royce Bell


Royce started his career at the age of 19 as a Singer and Voice Impersonator that has evolved into Acting and Stand Up Comedy routines. 

Royce was born and raised in a small town in Iowa called (Cedar Rapids) where he honed his talent's by drawing small crowd's of people in the mall, barbershop, and high school locker room and more. 

A major part of Royce's talents came from him growing up in the Church of Christ alongside his mother Sharilyn Bell an accomplished lead singer in a well known gospel group by the name of (Psalms). 

Royce also inherited singing skills from his grandmother on his fathers side named Willa Mae Brown who recorded and sang songs with the renowned gospel singer Mahalia Jackson.

As a kid Royce would rehearse and practice singing and dancing by mimicking his favorite singer Michael Jackson and other well known artist for hours at a time.


Bell also grew up being the class clown and natural comedian all during grade school leading all the way up through highschool and beyond where it was apparent to all his peers he had an extraordinary special talent to make people laugh.

Once in awhile Royce was known to make a class mate pee on themselves from laughing so hard at one of his many impersonation comedy voices.

In 2012 Bell dropped out of college at Iowa Central Community College after sustaining a meniscus knee tear in a football game that eroded a promosing football dream career which redirected Royces entertainment career.

Bell left his hometown and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with his father Vincent Brown where he then began to craft and build his presence as a young stand up comedian and actor. His father a 6 time Iowa Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and 2 times National Golden Gloves Boxing Simi finalist helped Royce to develop the discipline needed to accomplish Royce's high level goals.

His father took Royce to his first stand-up gig appearance at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club, the world's largest gentleman's club located on the outskirts of the Vegas strip!


In less than a year Bell moved to Arizona to continue his aspiring chase to fame in both comedy and music. For the next several year's Bell continued growing his entertainment career by becoming a house hold name in the Valley of Arizona making his presence known at small clubs, events, and shows performing stand up comedy routines and singing as an opening act for super star singers at various gigs while frequently traveling around the country.

In between traveling from L.A. to Miami South Beach he succeeded in introducing his rare talents to various national venues and new audiences who soon became loyal fans who follow Royce on all his social media platforms. As his internet presence keeps growing bigger and bigger through Royce's social media content presentations it has drawn the attention of millions of eyes to see his raw and creative comedy impersonations of household name celebrities via social media i.e. (Facebook Instagram & YouTube).

In 2017 Royce accumulated over 19 Million Views with his library of viral videos, skits and content on the web. With his benignant and compelling aura Bell developed a need to make people laugh and cheer him on with an even bigger platform and audience.

In 2017 Bell was approached by Hollywood star Nick Cannon. Since meeting Nick Cannon, Royce has become apart of the Viacom & MTV family and now best known worldwide for his impressions such as Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Family Guy, Barack Obama, Denzel Washington, and Jim Carey's Fire Marshal Bill character on hit television show "In Living Color". On Season 10' of MTV's Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out, Bell became a recurring cast member in 2017 on the improv comedy show Wild 'N Out  and this year in 2018 he was brought back for a "second season" which is now airing a new episode every Thursday night on MTV.

In the music industry Bell has astonished music producers through his vocals as well as his music writing material that enhances his extraordinary unique sound as an R&B singer and entertainer. Bell was Influenced by icons such as Michael Jackson, Usher, and Chris Brown growing up. Royce who stands out from the crowd in the music entertainment field has developed his own style of music which he plans on making his mark and stamp in the music industry.  

In 2016, Bell released his mix-tape "L.I.F.E." on March 21 featuring it's lead single "3 A.M", from his first mix-tape "L.I.F.E". Following his mix-tape Royce shared the stage the very next year with both Rick Ross at the 2017 Summer Jam in Phoenix Arizona along with opening for Trey Songz on the Tremaine Tour in 2017 as well. Royce Bell has performed and opened up for other iconic artist such as Chris Brown, Twista, and more performing his unique style and sound in R&B all across the West Coast. So far in 2018 Royce has just finished and released a new EP "1617" with a total of 4 songs on the project. The debut singles  "Sex Addict" and "Luvu" first appeared on radio station Power 98.3 & 96.1  in Phoenix, Arizona in March of 2018.


It won't be long before we start to see Royce Bell on other major TV networks showcasing his incredible talents and skills around the world with his third eye for acting and comedy. In the words of Royce, "I've always been gifted to sing and act since the day I can remember as I believe it's what God put inside of me from birth". There's no doubt that Royce Bell will be the next big face of Comedy and Music in the Hollywood Entertainment industry in due time!

Royce Bell of MTV's Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out before making Nick Cannon spit out water

Royce Bell of MTV's Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out before making Nick Cannon spit out water

Wild 'N Out Season 10

Nick Cannon and Royce Bell sing in harmony in a game of R&B Beef hoping to win the crowd over in competition with the Red Squad 

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